Yesterday I climbed the blue mountain
Today I wade the pure stream
I feel the heat of the dragon’s breath
I sing a song borrowed from the sparrow

~ May 27, 2017


the moon came knocking at the gate last night
I’m not used to visitors this far up the mountain
every morning I wipe star dust off my window sills
no one would believe me if I wrote this stuff down


~ April 24, 2017

All That’s Left

the dark wall is all that’s left
memories conflated into nothingness

the dark Self is all that’s left
ego compressed into nothingness

the dark eye is all that’s left
visions and perspectives reduced to nothingness

the dark moment is all that’s left
one breath follows another into nothingness

the dark note is all that’s left
one letter addressed from emptiness to nothingness

the dark drift is all that’s left
transcending into peaceful everlasting nothingness

the dark nothingness is all that’s left
transformed into the light of all beingness


~ December 21, 2016

Poem From a Friend

this old monk wouldn’t cross the road
to visit with a so-called master

one twirling flower in the hand
is bodhisattva enough for ten universes

a letter from a friend just now
contains more truth than every sutra

and more poetry born of pure beauty
than any book could ever contain

~ September 13, 2016


some time later that multiplicity of light
spoke and broke the eternal silence
moving as the mover and awakening as the
awakened stirred and then creating
making the True Self and all that appears
appeared at a word and with the appearance
of age but aged as if one age were ages
nothing left unaffected all arising naturally
time being just the word it is and every word
just an expression of the infinite
facets of the same light or always moving
toward it recognizing the face within it
as our own true face having the power
all along to speak and breathe the word of life
and nothing at all was ever
undone unspoken unborn

~ June 15, 2016


this old monk doesn’t care one wit
about mouthing resolutions or annual
words of renewal

every day is as fresh as the first

every year is just another marker
on a longer path of growth

letting go of something every day
is the way to live and truly be free

~ January 1, 2016