True Eye

this old monk doesn’t dream of wandering
one moment being stillness is years of moving
seeing the entire universe behind the eyes
what’s the difference whether open or shut?
eyelids are useless and so are feet
when body and mind cease to exist

~ January 20, 2016


No Hindrance

no moon
no water
no bucket
beyond emptiness

no jikido
no bell
no sound
beyond perfection

no thought
no self
no mirror
beyond buddha

no emptiness
no perfection
no buddha
beyond gone

~ January 7, 2016


this old monk doesn’t care one wit
about mouthing resolutions or annual
words of renewal

every day is as fresh as the first

every year is just another marker
on a longer path of growth

letting go of something every day
is the way to live and truly be free

~ January 1, 2016