Not Really

this old monk sits beside a cypress tree
all-day pleasure is one smile from passing maidens
a cool drink of spring water on a hot august day
waiting for evening but not really waiting

~ August 12, 2015



won’t be knocking at your gate anymore
can’t put your sand in my begging bowl
but perhaps sand is all your truly have?
wait! maybe a few spare figs?
no–not even one spare fig

~ August 12, 2015


didn’t consult the oracle today
what’s the use?
the freedom of indifference
the liberation of ambivalence
the patient being of just sitting
the flower opening in the morning
the moon arising in the evening
one shrug of the shoulders
it’s all beautiful
it’s all fading

~ August 18, 2015

The Sun and a Crane

this old monk wouldn’t put up a finger
for the entire universe

he watches the old crane fishing
in the waves on the beach

sunrise is the sun coming up over here
sunset is the sun going down over there

the equanimity of the absolute
the miracle of the relative

magnificent and mundane
just the sun and a crane

~ July 20, 2015