As It Happens

I saw mountains as mountains

And one time mountains were metaphors for everything

I saw what happened through a haze of reason

And one time there were clouds over everything

In stillness and in motion

No eye nor metaphor

No haze nor reason

Just mountains

Just clouds

As It happens


~ September 9, 2018




this old monk walks among fallen leaves
one lone blackbird waiting for sunrise
rain arrives with mid-morning thunder
sleeping in the afternoon is the same as sitting


January 12, 2018


There is something simply wondrous about resonance
Every sound creates a signature of resonance
And every word begins and ends with resonance
The soul of each created thing has resonance
If you truly stop and listen for its resonance
Echoing reverberating lively resonance
Incredible vibrating resilient resonance
The universe around us overflows with resonance
The silence of the cosmos yields enormous resonance
Deeper than the deepest wells of resonance
Every single truth we know proclaims its resonance
Every minute grain of sand consists of resonance
Every single star radiates in shining resonance
Every wave that finds the shore arrives in resonance
There is no heart that can contain the awe of resonance
Every act of kindness is a form of resonance
Every tear that falls is filled with resonance
The force within all living things is resonance
Clouds and flowers manifest pure resonance
I can only repeat my experience of resonance
Like a mantra uttered in unending resonance
I see you and you see me as sacred resonance
We are every one of us the image of God’s own resonance
The glorious never ending song of resonance
Repeating yes and yes and yes in unifying resonance
Blissful conscious all existing resonance

~ Sept 16, 2017